Recently I read in a camp advertisement supplement to the Toronto Star an article in which they had several alumni fill in their responses to some given topics. I thought it would be a neat idea to do a similar thing with a cross-section of Rocky Ridge Ranch alumni.  They either came to camp as kids or were involved in some other way – i.e., hockey(!) and then came on as staff. Now they’re all grown up – some might even say old!!! See how they attribute much of their success to summer camp experiences. Hope you enjoy the results as you check back each week!

Nancy (Blaschuk) Janzen  –  (now the proud Mom of a son and daughter – current campers!)

Profession / Where I Am Now

I currently work for McMaster University as the Research Coordinator for a Chemistry and Chemical Biology professor.

Camp Experience

I attended RRR every summer from about age 7 until age 11 when I started working there.

Fondest Summer Camp Memories

My favourite memories were Saturday morning when we would all go out for the breakfast trail ride followed by showing off our new skills to our parents at the rodeo.

Lessons Learned

 Along with providing the basis for me to become a great rider, RRR encouraged independence, responsibility, and consideration for others.

The Impact of Camp

My time at RRR contributed to the confidence needed to try new things far from home; every summer away added to the independence and responsibility needed to spend a semester studying in France during high school, travel with friends through Europe just before University, and accept exciting employment opportunities in varied locations and work environments including a fishing vessel in the Bering Sea.