Week 5 – Alyssa (Alexander) Gale

Profession/Where I am now – I am a teacher and have worked in Ontario, Manitoba and now in La Ronge, Saskatchewan (which is considered “central” Saskatchewan). I still enjoy riding my horse, spending time with my husband and dog and singing at church.

Camp Experience – I was a camper and graduated to a staff member, specifically a “barno” or barn girl for many (many) summers. I loved the ranch atmosphere and spent as much time there as I could!

Fondest memories

One of my fondest memories of camp isn’t one specific memory but more of a feeling. Camp had a calmness to it, amongst the activity and work that needed done, there was always a sense of peace. Whether I was leading a trail ride, feeding the horses, singing during chapel or sharing a meal with campers, I always felt content. With the busy lifestyle we maintain nowadays, I often look back at the time I spent at camp and cherish (and miss!) those moments of fellowship.

Lessons Learned/Impact

I learned so much while being at camp, skills I use every day like leadership, working with people and the value of a job well done. More importantly though, I saw God’s love at work in the people that He brought to camp. The lasting impact of seeing lives changes and reflecting on my own growth is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life!