Outdoor Education Programs

Throughout the school year Rocky Ridge Ranch offers Outdoor Education with a variety of programs and activities tailored to the needs and expectations of yourgroup. No matter what area of the Ontario School Curriculum you are striving to meet we have the capability to assist you. We even have a retired elementary/middle school Principal with expertise in Outdoor Ed, Special Needs and Physical Education on our staff! We strive to build ongoing long-term relationships with School Boards and individual schools. This enables both parties to share wonderful experiences and meet expectations.


Rocky Ridge is a family-run operation and so our full time staff lives on site and are available to assist you with both day and evening programming. Daytime activities are listed below and take place in morning and afternoon sessions.

Day Activities (F – Fall, W – Winter, S – Spring)

  • Broomball – An activity designed to diffuse that extra energy! (W)
  • Environmental Exploits – A hands-on experience in which participants will gain a better understanding of the relationship between human beings and the environment. (F, W, S)
  • Hayride – Enjoy an old-fashioned tractor-drawn hayride. (F, W, S)
  • Hiking – Enjoy a wide variety of trails on our beautiful “edge of the Niagara Escarpment” property.(F, W, S)
  • Horsemanship – An activity for Grades 7 & up. Students are introduced to western riding in a safe and controlled venue. Following the initial introduction instructors lead groups out on beautiful forested trails and open fields. (F, W, S)
  • Maple Syrup at Home – Sure you can visit a maple syrup operation and see how it’s done professionally. But what if you have a maple tree(s) on your own property and would like to tap it. Learn from our resident expert the art of “Kitchen Maple Syruping”
  • Orienteering – An activity to teach students map work and/or compass bearings to help them navigate a course. (Check out our North American Orienteering Championship terrain. The champion called it the most technically challenging course he has ever been on world-wide!) (F, W, S)
  • Slack Lines – When learning a new skill it’s always difficult at first. But just like riding a bike you have to be patient , stay focused, relaxed and most importantly positive. A great way to work on balance and teamwork!
  • Snow Shelters – A team-work activity that encourages students to work together in order to complete a shelter. (W)
  • Sports Activities – Ball and Box Hockey, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Flag Football, Soccer, Tetherball, Ultimate Frisbee (F, S)
  • Team-building Activities – Choose from a variety of activities designed to increase the ability of your students to get along with and work together.
  • Tobogganing – A limited area for sliding using magic carpets, etc. suitable for younger grades. (W)

*Sports equipment is provided. Safety gear (i.e., riding helmets) must be worn when riding.

 Night Activities

  • Campfires – Requires final approval from Fire Dept.
  • Games – Choose from a wide variety.
  • Hayride – Enjoy an old-fashioned tractor-drawn hayride
  • Night Hike – Enjoy the sights and particularly the sounds of the great outdoors at night.

Outdoor EducationWe believe that the experiences each and every student has at Rocky Ridge Ranch will have a direct impact on their relationships and results back at school and in the classroom. They will understand more clearly the importance of safety combined with enjoyment and its role in their overall learning.