Ranch Staff

Administrative staff live on the Ranch year-round. We are complimented by a carefully chosen volunteer staff who are highly motivated, caring individuals whose patience and good humour instill a sense of well being and a spirit of cooperation.  Most have been through our camping system and desire to give campers the same wonderful experience they had.

Our Calling

Rocky Ridge Ranch is “Evanglism”, “Growth”, and “Family”. As advocates of youth and families, the Ranch is focused and committed to reach out and provide them with a suitable Christian environment for maximum growth and enjoyment, allowing them to develop into fully balanced (physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual) human beings with the correct vertical and horizontal alignment.

Our Tools

Program variations. Cooperative and competitive games and sports. Work ethic. “Buzz sessions” and Bible Studies. Family involvement. Respect and responsibility.Visibility and availability. Communication and cooperation.

What We Accent

Safety. Faith. Total involvement. Life skills.
Self-esteem and confidence. Leadership training. Team-building. Achievement. Excellence.
Becoming.  Overcoming.  Growth.  Development.